Vancouver Realtor & Real Estate Agent Property Management Referral Program

                                                               More Sales, Less Stress, Help Clients, Earn Commissions.

We Are NOT Realtors

The majority of property management company are actually a side business under a realtor or real estate brokerage, this means they could potentially take your clients, that’s a no deal in our books! Refinity Homes is a professional property management company that exclusively operate in the business of property management.
We do not sell or buy homes ever! 

Your Clients Remain Your Clients

We can sign non-compete contracts to referral sources so your clients stay your clients. If and when your client decides to sell their rental property we will refer them back to you. We’ll help you retain your clients if they decide to sell or if you move or change brokerages.

Reduce Your Stress & Liability

Improperly following tenant-law on tenant screening, fees handling, maintenance issues, turnover, etc. can open you up to legal liability & even having your real estate license placed in jeopardy. You can reduce your liability and save the stress involved in managing the properties when the owner ask you manage the property for them.

Save Time

Many realtors tries to help their clients by managing their clients’ properties. A single unit can takes on average 40-105 hours per year to manage. By letting a professional property management company to handle this, you free up hundreds of hours per year to focus on what you do best – Buying and Selling homes!

Enjoy Professional Property Management Services

We believe in professionalism. We have a proven track record of pleasing our clients and you can feel safe that we will do our best to make us both look good. Not to mention your contact information will be visible on the client’s portal every time they login to check on their property. This is why so many realtors have referred their clients to us for professional property management.



What Are The Next Steps?

1. Refer The Property to Us

Just fill out our referral form to send a referral to us. We promise to take excellent care of our mutual client.

2. We Onboard Their Property For Professional Property Management

We’ll connect and guide your clients through our sales process to help them get the highest rent and the best tenant for their property.

3. We Pay You

We will pay you directly, manage their home, and you keep your client forever. 


Get Paid The #1 Highest Referral Fee In Canada

We pay you up to 40% of the tenant placement fee, once we get a we get a new property signed up for full service property management.

What Could You Earn For Each Referral?


1 Bed Condo* = $400

2 Bed Condo* = $500

3 Bed Townhome* = $660

4 Bed House* = $1280


* sources from Feb 26th 2022 pricing
* referral fees for tenanted properties are paid 3 months after clients are under management


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