Time To Change The Industry

Our mission is to remove friction in renting experiences...

For those who own much-loved homes, and those longing for that feeling. Refinity Homes is changing what it means to rent a home by putting people first. It’s where hospitality meets consumer real estate—and it’s about to redefine an entire industry.

More fulfilling than perks.

We’re committed to supporting you in both your personal and professional life.Here you’ll know your work matters, your opinions are heard, and your health and wellness benefits are always taken care of.

Calling all future entrepreneurs. It is time to launch the next chapter of your career

At Refinity Homes you’ll work alongside people you respect on a team that keeps you challenged. With managers who give you the tools to go beyond the day-to-day and coworkers who cheer you on along the way, we’re ready to help you bring your brightest ideas to life. If starting your own company is on the mind, this is your next best thing.

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