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Guaranteed qualified tenant within 29 days or else we manage will your property for free*

Unlock your earning potential with the right rent price

Our technology-first approach uses true market data, real-time interest from potential residents, and unique rental strategies to maximize your investment return.

Not your typical property management

We manage everything with your home exceptionally well, so you don't have to lift a finger. Check it out yourself

Professional and Experienced Since 2008

Every home deserves someone looking out for it. Our team of experienced experts will help you find quality tenants sometimes in less than 4 days..

Concierge Style Support

To care for you and your home, your dedicated Concierge works with our team to offer continuous support.

Aligned Goals

We always act on your best interest, our unique customer-centric model ensures your experience with us will always be exceptional.

Maximized Rental Value

Our pricing strategy utilizes true market data while constantly adjusted based on real-time interest from potential residents to maximize listing prices


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Residents Placed

We’ve been working with Refinity Homes for over 5 years. They always has a positive work attitude and can be reached at any time. The tenants they found are very clean and neat. Refinity Homes is trustworthy and can find the suitable tenants for your house in the fastest way.
by Lu Shang
Associate, Canada Asia Centre, RBC Wealth Management, Real Estate Investor
Smooth and easy experience working with them for my rental. So far no issues and they respond quickly to my service requests even late at night on a Saturday.
by Homeowner in Vancouver
I have a long-lasting partnership with Refinity Homes for many years. The management team in the company are always calm and collected, constantly improving their business. Under their flawless operations, they were able to keep every one of their promises even when it seems to difficult to be done. When it comes to property management, Refinity Homes is the first company I think of, because I believe experienced people should handle matters that requires experience.
by Chen
CEO, Chen Property Investment Group
Great experience and great service
by Mak Pashang
Resident in Toronto
Refinity Homes has been our property management agent for over 5 years. They have continued delivered helpful service along with quick response of our requests or inquiries. Their team can be entrusted to handle our rental unit as he always ensured selected and located suitable tenants for our unit. We are very pleased with their service.
by Helen Yeung
Real Estate Owner in Vancouver West
From the initial call I found the advice they gave me free of charge was above and beyond what other property management companies I spoke with was willing to provide. I’m amazed by their level of attention to detail, their process, and specific knowledge in the local market. The team made the whole renting and management process super easily and transparent. I am 120% positive I will let them manage my next investment property. 
by Prabakaran S.
Homeowner in Toronto
Residents are always evaluated carefully to reduce risks, routine maintenance is done with the utmost attention to details, excellent communications regarding city regulations and company policy. In, summary, when I let Refinity Home handle anything related to my properties, I know 100% that they will be taken care of and done well, such stress reliver!
by Liao Jing
Real Estate Investor, Across Properties in Greater Vancouver
Has been with this company for 5 years. No complaints whatsoever. Always responsive and handled everything properly.
by Ivan G.
Homeowner in Richmond
really good service and professional management
by Tony Du
Homeowner in Richmond Hill
I’ve been using Refinity for almost 9 yrs now. The team there are very professional and reliable in handling property management related matters. The manager is also very resourceful and helpful in finding rental properties for our family and friends. Aside from delivering excellent customer service, their management team dealt with us in a very friendly manner. I always recommend them to friends whenever there’s an opportunity for Refinity to serve them.
by Cynthia Suarez
Property Owner in Richmond, BC
We decided to use Refinity Homes for our property and the experience has been super seamless! They took away all the stress when we used to manage our properties ourselves and dealing with tenants, especially after hearing stories from our friends who tried to manage properties on their own... and the rates Refinity's team charged were very reasonable compared to the rates we were quoted. They finished the repair work within days and we were able to get a tenant with an approved application in just 1.5 weeks!
by Vinay Thind
They were quick to respond, and offered tremendous help with properties. I strongly recommend them to all my friends and family.
by Jonesy Li
Homeowner in Vancouver and Toronto
I was referred to StanMark by a family friend, and good thing I listened. Frank and the team have been a pleasure to work with. From the initial call I found the advice they gave me free of charge was above and beyond what other property management companies I spoke with was willing to provide. I’m amazed by their level of attention to detail, their process, and specific knowledge in the local market..
by Eden Schwartz
Wonderful experience and great service. Would definitely recommend their services.
by Adeel Farhan
Real Estate Investor
Renters are always evaluated carefully to reduce risks, routine maintenance is done with the utmost attention to details, excellent communications regarding city regulations and company policy. In, summary, when I let Stanley R&R handle anything related to my properties, I know 100% that they will be taken care of and done well, such stress reliver!
by Max W.
very reliable, efficient, and professional company, Refinity is the most experienced property manager. Can fix any problem and make things very smooth for you.
by Max Wang
Homeowner in Vancouver
It has been a pleasant experience working with the team at Refinity Homes. They are a professional, reliable, and diligent management. They take care all aspects of managing a property and makes it worry-free for the owner.
Property Owner in Richmond, BC

Our 6 Gurantees*

The only company in Canada with all 6 guarantees

29 Days Placement Guarantee

We guarantees to find a qualified tenant within 29 days once the home is move-in ready or first month’s management fees is free.

Pet Damage Guarantee

Should a pet screened and placed by us ever cause damage that exceeds the security deposit, we will reimburse that amount up to $1,000.00.

12 Months Lease Guarantee

Should a tenant ends the tenancy earlier than the end of the initial 12 months lease, we will find a second tenants free of charge.

On-Time Payment Guarantee

We guarantees owner draw to be released by the 12th of each month. If the owner draw is dispersed past that date we will provide that month’s services free of charge.

90 Days Money-Back Guarantee

If the Owner is not happy with our services within the first 90 days, we will refund 100% of the monthly management fee, no questions asked.

Eviction Protection

Should a tenant placed by us ever needs to be evicted, we will cover labor costs for our team to file for eviction, go to court, and represent the Owner in court for up to $2,000.00.

Complete Transparency Never Locked in Contracts Refinity Homes
  • Guarantees: 6
  • Management Fee (% of Rent): 6.8-7.8%
  • Placement Fee (% of Rent): 1/2
  • Management Fee (During Vacancy): 0%
  • After-Hours & Holidays Repairs (% of Market Rates): +0%
  • Initial Setup Fee: FREE
  • Photoshoots: FREE
  • Narrated Video Tour: FREE
  • Advertising Fee: FREE
  • Eviction Fee: FREE
  • Inspection / Call Out Fee: FREE
  • Move In / Out Fee: FREE
  • Tax Document Fee: FREE
  • Early Termination Fee: NONE
  • Commitment To Sell: NONE

Refinity Home Price: $1,900/yr

Hidden Fees in Fine Prints Other Competitors
  • Guarantees: NONE
  • Management Fee (% of Rent): 8-12%
  • Placement Fee (% of Rent): 50-100%
  • Management Fee (During Vacancy): 8-12%
  • After-Hours & Holidays Repairs (% of Market Rates): +25%
  • Initial Setup Fee: $300-500
  • Photoshoots: $200-300
  • Narrated Video Tour: $300-500
  • Advertising Fee: $150
  • Eviction Fee: $1,000-$2,000
  • Inspection / Call Out Fee: $150
  • Move In / Out Fee: $250
  • Tax Document Fee: $150
  • Early Termination Fee: $500
  • Commitment To Sell: YES

Competitor Costs: $3,688/yr

Example shown is based on a property renting for $2,500 per month. Price for other companies is based on 10% management fee, 50% placement fee, 1 month of vacancy, and $750 in after-hour repairs.

Our Services

The best in class property management services services means you get the most comprehensive stress-free services at the best value. Here`s what you get.

Full-Service Leasing
  • Data Driven Pricing Strategy with Real Time Adjustments
  • Pre-Move In Home Improvements Evaluation & Coordination
  • Homeowner & Property Onboarding
  • Listing Photoshoot and Videography
  • Advertisement on 20 Real Estate Sites
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) Leasing Software
  • Professional Leasing Agents Host 1-2 Open Houses Per Week
  • Guided In-Person & Virtual Property Tours
  • Resident & Pet Screening
  • Comprehensive Background Checks
  • 2 Rounds of Interviews with Identify Verification
  • Multi-Points Reference Checks
  • Credit Check (Equifax)
  • RTA Compliant Lease Agreement (BC & ON)
  • Lease Negotiation
  • Security & Pet Deposit Collection
  • Move In Inspection
  • Resident Onboarding Training with Complimentary Welcome Gift
On-Going Management
  • Automated Online Rent Collection & Disbursements
  • 24/7 Day to Day Resident Management
  • Strata Communication
  • Enforce Terms of Lease
  • Property Inspections
  • Maintenance Coordination with Discounted Vendors
  • Upgrade & Major Renovation Consultation
  • Resident Retention Program with Lease Renewal
  • Rent Growth
  • Resident and Homeowner Portal (Real Time Data & Reports)
  • Expense and Income Tracking
  • Year End Statement (CPA Ready)
  • Non-Resident Tax NR4 (add-on item)
  • Residential Tenancy Act Compliance
  • Eviction Coverage
  • Security Deposit Deduction Negotiation & Refund
  • Move Out Inspection
  • Homeowner Appreciation Gifts & Events

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* 29 DAY PLACEMENT GUARANTEE - Refinity Homes will waive the first 2 months of management fee if Refinity Homes cannot find a qualified tenant within the first 29 days after the managed property is move in ready and listed. Conditions that the property must abide by: The property must be vacant, the property must be “rent ready”, the Owner must allow to advertise “Small Pet Negotiable”, Refinity Homes (StanMark Inc.), and the Owner must agree on starting rental price, the Owner must allow Refinity Homes (StanMark Inc.) to make adjustments of up to 15% of the initial listing price based on market response, and the initial listing monthly price must be below $4000.

* 3 MONTHS HAPPINESS GUARANTEE​ - the refund is only applicable to first 3 months of monthly management fees.

* EVICTION PROTECTION​ - the $2000 will only go towards the cost of Refinity Homes (StanMark Inc.)' staff and labor costs to conduct the eviction legal filing and attend court hearing to act on behalf of the Owner. Other costs such as but not limited to legal fees, court fees, property turnover, plaintiff, and lost rent are not covered under the Eviction Protection or Eviction Coverage.

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