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Private Equity Firms & Property Management: A Match Made in Heaven, or Doomed?

As the real estate industry faces new challenges and shifts in demand patterns, it is crucial for investors and operators to explore innovative strategies that can lead to success. One strategy that has gained traction in recent years is the involvement of private equity firms in residential property management through a roll-up strategy. Let's examine some real-world examples, including Canadian cases, to shed light on whether this approach is a match made in heaven or doomed to failure.

Understanding the True Cost of Property Management Fees in Vancouver: A Comprehensive Guide for Savvy Investors

Navigate the intricacies of property management expenses in Greater Vancouver with our detailed analysis. Understand crucial services provided by property management companies, such as Refinity Homes, along with an exploration of setup fees, tenant placement charges, and routine management costs. Learn about potential additional expenditures like eviction fees and repair maintenance markup, helping you assess their impact on your rental business.

Crafting Success with Your First Rental Property: A Primer for New Investors

New investors in the rental property market should prioritize investing in high-quality residences located in desirable neighborhoods before venturing into distressed properties requiring rehabilitation. Ensure your property is well-maintained, tidy, and appealing before potential tenants view it, as this boosts its conversion rate and rental pricing. Employ a meticulous tenant screening process to acquire...

Refinity Homes | Winner of #1 Best Rated Property Management Award

It is with immense pride and gratitude that we, at Refinity Homes, announce our latest accomplishment – being awarded as the Best Property Management Company at the esteemed Quality Business Awards 2023. Not only have we clinched this coveted accolade, but we've also surpassed the benchmark with an overall quality score exceeding 95%, marking us as the top-ranked in our field.

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Non Resident Rental Property in Canada Tax Guide – NR4 Slips

If you are a non-resident in Canada but you have a rental property in Canada then it is very important that you understand the tax implications of your non-resident status. Most non-residents want to buy a rental property in Canada because of the good real estate market that Canadians boast. If you are a non-resident and have a rental property in Canada please keep on reading. Let's look at the tax...

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